Friday, May 1, 2009

ho hum

Not sure about this one... got a circle thing happening. And a little naked sleeping boy on my lap so typing one handed.

Not sure I like it at all! another blah instead of simple and stunning.

Design makeover needed please!


  1. You might not like the layout but you gotta admit the pic has the cute factor

  2. Hi, I am a bit of a lurker on your blog at times and I love how you are "keeping it real"! I cracked up at the last post with comic Lol. I can so relate to it as we live rural too. And I agree with Jo the pics are beautiful. Thanks for the laughs

  3. Not "blah" at all Sharon. I like it a lot! Have a great week. Anita. xxx

  4. I like the page. Have u seen Cathy Z's do overs? U could send it there. I will think more. And u r cheeky, I have already scrapped two of these pic's over in the Remember When gallery for NSD, stop by and check out the challenges! Thanks for saying Hi

  5. Love the the layout
    my tips...
    make them a touch smaller( so you have equal spaces between edges and circles) and a bit smaller...just a bit..

  6. der... a bit closer and a bit smaller


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