Friday, May 1, 2009

Living with a {little} boy

As opposed to the big boy...they come with a whole other set of tendencies!

Anyhow, I did this as 8x6 - probably will print this as is. I found this gorgeous free wall paper from American Crafts, and waddaya know, its good enough quality to use in PSE! (yay!)

Not terribly profound, but I did just this when getting pj's out for the little man the other evening. He also loves to find sticks and wanders around waving them about and whacking things (often sisters!) ...and shooting things (he even sights up along the stick - that little bright blue eye looking along the length of the stick at me was nearly my undoing!) There are no toy guns in the house at all (what with two older sisters!) so I don't know where that has come from!

I have to credit this postcardy type layout to Melissa Deakin (her blog address eludes me, anyhow I had this in my ideas folder) Here is what I lifted (nice quote too!)

So then I decided to turn my version into a 12 x 12 layout. I have trouble converting my collages into a digital layout that I will easily repeat on paper - I guess its because it's always so flat. They always look a little plain, as opposed to Simple and Stunning.

This was Blah until I decided to add the circles. I love that "paper" - so yummy!

If I can't print the AC paper out clearly, I will make cardstock circles instead, with plain blue, green and raspberry, drawing colours from the paper.

I'm loving doing different sized pages, even if it is digital, at the moment. I can't wait to start putting them onto paper and into albums. I am planning on getting each of the kids a new 12x12 "patches" d-ring album {I bought some earlier in the year - normally sell for around $24 which leaves more change in my pocket than the AC ones!} in a DIFFERENT colour each (I know some of you out there with OCD tendencies wouldn't be able to handle that! But they will all line up the same height, and they will all have a nice little label thingy on each with colour co-ordinating text).

But seeing as how I just ordered myself a push bike {on sale from good ole' Target} for Mothers Day, I think I'd better hold off on any more purchases for a little while.

I haven't ridden a bicycle since I was twelve...over 20 (shh!) years ago! But its all part of the New Me. I just need to find a wider, cushioned seat.

Oh, fyi: I will not, under any circumstances, be wearing BIKE PANTS during this new sporting and fitness move.

Thanks for calling by!

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