Saturday, January 30, 2010

Its Raining Its Pouring

The old man is snoring (that would be my husband on the couch, "watching" a movie!).  It pretty much hasn't stopped raining here since around 10am this morning, getting heavier and gustier as the progresses.  We've had about 3" (75mm) of rain for today, a good portion of it since late this afternoon.  (the further west, the heavier it gets).  This is why:

We are somewhere under that mass of cloud, probably towards the eastern side of it...whatever the case, my washing isn't going to dry on the line anytime soon! 


  1. It looks turbulent Sharon! Good luck with the washing ;-)

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Just stopped by from Canada. I lived in Sidney in the early 90's. I miss it a lot. I remember those long rainy days. Its hard with small kids. I saw your cute kids in those school uniforms. Mine had them to. Its too bad children dont wear them here. Love your blog!


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