Tuesday, April 26, 2011

catching up

alternately, not catching any fish.

we caught up with friends who were camping nearby over Easter. Camping near enough that WE did not have to camp (I really really like my bed and my shower!).

Kids did some boating:

_MG_6244In shifts - the little kids had to wait.  And the men all wore their green shirts so they would all match! ;-)

Tall tales were told:

_MG_6254And that was just these two, fishing off the back of the wagon!

_MG_6265 Campfires were prepared and studied. And the green shirted ones drank much beer, and giggled as much as grown tough men possibly could.


Four grown tough men getting into a boat that isn't really made to accommodate four LARGE grown tough men.

_MG_6304 The tough men didn't last long out on the water.  The only thing biting was the mossies, and boy, didn't they get a good feed. The men rowed back as fast as they could paddle, in fear of running out of blood.

_MG_6346And we dined on the best campfire cooked tucker, and the kids finished off with curly whirlies (damper on a stick) cooked over the coals (even though it looks like a bushfire in this photo!)

And then my little family went home to our nice comfy beds and shower, and then joined in the fun again the next day.

_MG_6320Where my little boy found a new big boy to idolise and follow around. Green shirts were again popular. And fish again were off on holidays. But its not about the fish really, is it? Its just about being there.

And funnily enough, relaxing and catching up is quite exhausting!


  1. Beautiful Sharon.
    I'm right there with you on the camping front ... in fact I consider anything under 3 stars to be camping. But don't kids love it. Last year we set up a tent down at some friends' place (parents slept in beds inside the house), kids in the tent. We did the camp fire and cooked a roast in the camp oven, damper on sticks, the whole sha-bam. They loved it, I was pleased to get home.

    Will catch up via email soon.

  2. Love it all, as usual. Funny how one always need a little holiday after a little holiday!

  3. Perfect way to camp in my opinion especially over Easter, always seems to rain. Love all the green shirts, too funny, and looks like great fun!

  4. Oh gosh this is such a great post - I love seeing what you lot get up to ... I have a river/farm walk in mind for you in a couple of days so you can see more of the land down at my parents place.

    Lol to the green shirts! ;-)

  5. Love the look into your world and such awesome photos (what lenses did you use?)

    I would love a holiday like this...

    Yep lol on the green shirts!!!!!!!

  6. I've heard it said that a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work. : )


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