Monday, April 25, 2011

Lest We Forget

I borrowed this from Di. 25 April is Anzac Day (as well as Easter Monday this year) I think this says it all.


I've got lots of photos of our last few days to share, not sure if it will be in one BIG post or a couple of little nibbles. Allowing the kids some chocolate today after the total ban bar one little one, yesterday.  They were some really really tired and ratty kids, and a sugar overload wasn't going to help matters!  All on a much more even keel today!

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  1. Yankee girl had to look it up. (We still celebrate on Nov. 11 for Armistice Day here) and then I actually remember reading about it in the biography of the Queen mother.

    We are all thankful for the memory of those who gave their lives to fight against oppression.


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