Sunday, April 3, 2011

what is in little boy's heads?

I've always marvelled at how different a baby and toddler and child our youngest - the first boy - has been to the first two girls.  I mean they are ALL different little personalities, but this boy child, his little mind is just so funny and he has been so different to manage than the girls at the same stages in their lives.

A conversation last night at bed time.  I make a habit of telling him I want to eat him up (he was the most delicious baby!), and he pretends I am a mummy dinosaur.  Me, nibbling on his neck and growling mummy-dinosaur like, declaring, "I'm going to eat your HEAD!".

He stops, and giggles. "No, you can't eat my head!  It has BRAINS in it, and you can't eat brains!".

I declare that I do indeed like brains, in fact LOVE them, and ears (and nibble on the nearest one) give him a kiss, tuck him in, and leave him giggling to himself.

He is a funny little creature: obsessive, temperamental, mercurial, sweet natured, shares without even thinking or being asked, boofy and rough and cuddly all at the same time. Chatty and charming with a wicked, well developed sense of humour. _MG_5945 And he turns five in September. And starts Prep next year. He wants to go to school; he is ready for school (more or less). He needs to go.  But I am not so sure that his mother is ready for that.

This post prompted by Amy 's "storytelling sunday" post, although not nearly as well written!


  1. Don't give me that clap-trap that it is not nearly as well written, this is beautiful Sharon, I've got misty eyes! We are going to have to watch ourselves this year, I fear we are going to be prone to the nostalgic!

    Beautiful shot too :-)

  2. So true Sharon. I'm so pleased to have had a boy and girls, just to observe the amazing differences between them all. And I don't mind admitting that my boy holds a very special piece of his Mum's heart. (And yes, his father thinks I sook him).
    I well remember the sadness of seeing my baby off to school. Not so much sad for her, as she was quite keen, but sad I think that it was the end of such a special phase of my life.
    I'll be happy to be a shoulder for you.

  3. Love the story and also very much love the photo.
    Nice! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh I think they were both beautifully written. I feel the need for my own story now. Miss 3 turns 4 in this house very soon. And I am struggling with only a year and a hlaf left till she starts school. Home as long as possible I say! He is almost edible, and that grin!

  5. Ah...what can I say about boys...they steal your heart :)


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