Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the obligatory siblings shot

_MG_6374 (2)

One of my finer offerings, don't you think?

School starts tomorrow here. Sort of good, but more along the lines of "the holidays haven't been long enough". This term packs a fair wallop in the amount of events it contains, but thank goodness that its 1. short and  2. includes some long weekends (for us  - Labour/May Day this weekend, our annual show holiday, and Queens Birthday weekend.) There are also a great number of local social gatherings, not to mention getting together with a dear friend who is about to produce baby number four. (I know, what WAS she thinking?! ;-)

My calendar is looking rather congested. So deep breath, get the lunch boxes out and wonder where on earth the seven pairs EACH of new school socks purchased at the start of the year, have gone to.


  1. I'm groaning about tomorrow morning too!

    Yes, certainly is one of your finer shots!

  2. A masterpiece indeed!
    I used to have albums full of the same, now a hard-drive overbrimming. Baby no. 4 ... what are these people ... rabbits?!?

    I don't want to go back to school either, short term or not. Who goes back to school on a Wednesday? And I've a feeling there'll be at least one lunchbox still in a backpack from last term. Socks! I notice mine have been wearing their school socks as work socks over the break (but we don't have any work socks in the drawer Mum), so who knows how today will pan out.
    I'd better get to it!
    PS. I've just been for a walk ... back on track. (Only 2 kg of chocolate to burn).

  3. Love the Easter shot!!!
    Yep catching up here today for school back tomorrow.
    Im with Fiona...better go check the school bags ...wonder what I might find LOL

  4. We only went back today. He went with a smile on his face, it wasn't too bad, thankfully it is a short week though. Haven't checked out or bunny shots yet, but it was a rainy day here. Hope back to school went well and you found some socks 1

  5. cute easter photo but I have just read your camping/non camping post...very entertaining and I love the green shirt brigade (is that how you spell it). Your photos look like a real Aussie adventure....great pic's. I love the one of the kids in the back of the car - a real KR (Karen Russell) shot...well done.


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