Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Ringers

Yesterday we went and visited some friends, and took our horses too. For a long time we've talked about the kids having a ride together, so yesterday we did. It was quite some effort really, for a play date, loading horses and saddles and kids, and heading off in the truck. The Husband unloaded us all, had a cup of tea and continued on his way to the prickle farm with the remaining load of supplements in the back.

The kids were all ready to go.

_MG_6200And don't they look excited about it as well. Little stinkers. (the cat stayed at home)

The effort involved in saddling the four horses for my family, at the same time as trying to get them to stop climbing rails and loading ramps and actually do something to assist, made me wonder just how great an idea this was in the first place!

However, finally all horses were saddled, and the girls mounted themselves.  Not sure how, I told them to go away and figure it out for themselves.  I was hot under the collar at the time, wrassling with a horse that was old enough to know better, otherwise I would have sneakily taken a photo of the girls getting on. I am sure it was inventive and amusing!

And then, "all the cracks gathered to the fray", we were all mounted and ready to go. Photo taken by Rachel, the mother of the two extra kids. Note my appropriate and stunning riding attire. I was too lazy to find any jeans, my work boots were still wet and muddy (remember Sunday's adventures?!) and I was quite comfortable as I was, thank you very much.

I think I've reached that point in my life where you just don't care any more! Dear Lord, when did that happen? next thing I'll be out in public wearing a lilac embroidered tracksuit with matching quilted bag. Because I quite like lilac of course...  ;-)

 _MG_6209 We enjoyed a lovely hour or so ride amongst the long green grass and gum trees, getting peeks down into the deep creek that we rode beside.  The gum trees prompted an impromptu rendition of "home amongst the gum tree" by my little mate; he makes a rather cheerful riding companion. He declared that he was now a really good rider (apart from not being able to get on alone, he conceded) and got cross when I wouldn't let go of the lead rope.

My two girls and Jack in the red shirt with matching saddle cloth, quickly went to the lead and trotted and walked and giggled and had all sorts of interesting fun. The rest of us were feeling far more sedate and walked along comfortably, despite Angus declaring he "liked bouncing" - although I fear too much speed might result in bouncing to the ground!

We finished off the afternoon's fun with a sausage sizzle down by the creek. And with some wet kids.

_MG_6213Honestly, my children can't help themselves. If there was a teaspoon of water and mud to get into, they would be there.

_MG_6229Is there anything as tasty as a fire cooked sausage? Bit of bread, grated cheese and tomato sauce, out in the fresh air (with remarkably few mosquitoes) Just lovely.


And sitting by the fire gazing adoringly at one of the few little boy friends we know (isn't the look on Angus' face just priceless?!)

It was bed time by the time we got home, after loading horses in the dark, but thanks to the tail end of the Super Full Moon, I was able to unload and re-paddock the horses with great clarity. And the kids went to bed exhausted.

And that is what you call a full, great afternoon adventure!


  1. That looks FANTASTIC! I want to go on an outing in the sunshine!

  2. My two are definitely going to have to come up for a visit - they would be in heaven ... until an ant climbed over the young lady that is - you would hear her squealing for miles!

  3. I love the pictures and the kids look like they were having so much fun!!

  4. Sharon, those pictures look fantastic and I can see why the kids had a great time. Love all your photoss as you just captured the feeling of the day. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the Easter Break. Kath PS oh I can just taste the sausages on the open want some now!!!

  5. I read this post with total envy!!!
    You know I love horse riding...and bbq sausages on a real fire...delicious!!!
    I would so love a day like this :)

  6. My kids would DIE for a day like this - amazing!

  7. We are packing our bags and on our way for a visit! Such a fun adventure. Bet it was really worth all the effort in the end, it sounds a little (though I am sure much more work) like taking the bikes out (ie attaching them to the car so as to ride somewhere quiet and flat) always seems so hard but really is a ton of fun. We made som damper recently, kids loved it. And who doesn't love a barbie!


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