Saturday, April 30, 2011

being creative AND domestic

Tomorrow we are Goin' Fishin' at a Super Special Secret Fishing Hole, and ordinarily I would be in bed already, as I have to get up early to prepare for this day out, and put a hearty casserole on in the slow cooker to be waiting for us - and a few of our friends - when we get home. But my plans have been foiled - the water is out and I can't bear to go to bed stinky, so instead I am here with you, waiting for the blessed moment for the pump to have enough water in the tank and I can have a shower.

Living in small towns have their downsides. but don't get me started on that.

ANYHOW: I have been both a little crafty and domestic this week. Not domestic in the cleaning sense, lest you think I've undertaken a personality change! ;-) Our school teacher celebrated a birthday early in the week, and I drew the short straw (or rather she did) and I had to bake her cake.

We all know my successes at cake decorating. This one was not much better.

_MG_6397Let me just say I had no imagination or brilliant ideas, so just made a plain old butter cake (which wasn't as brown on the outside as the photo suggests) dumped on some butter icing (that I tried flavouring with jelly crystals for fun. Fail, no change in taste what so ever). And the butterflies are hovering over a field of flowers, should you be wondering. I knew you would be.

So, cake done, I had to find/make a gift. I decided to not go into that cupboard in the spare room, and instead to get crafty. Made this:

_MG_6393(its a key ring/fob/thingy)

And this:

_MG_6396(its a glass tile pendant).

I had bought the bits and bobs to make both of these things some time ago, and am quite pleased with how they turned out. A couple of little things that could be improved on, but that is just me being picky at my own work, and I don't think they look too dodgy, unlike the cake. I think, anyhow. I am thinking of doing one of each for myself actually. (I was annoyed with myself that I cut the pattern off centre, but now I think I like it this way better.)

Be back in a day or so with our fishing adventures.  I am packing a full esky, as I have no intention of relying on the fishermen for lunch. (not that I like fresh water fish in any case!)   


  1. Sharon, you never let us down with your wit and domesticity!

    Hope the water service resumes and that the day out is relaxing :-)

  2. I'm very impressed with both of those gifts, kits you say? I'll have to find me some of those, excellent job

  3. Love all of your efforts, and the cake is all in the tasting, if it is good, you have a winner! Love the necklace most!


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