Saturday, April 23, 2011

Everyday photo storage

I love the idea of Project Life and Photo A Day and those sort of projects; I also know myself and long term projects. Not good. I also like photo books, but they do require some time and effort to put together.  However I have found myself a groove with my Every Day Photo Storage, that works for me. Its more than a wee bit more expensive than the old Crazy Clarkes slip in albums, but more much durable, and holds far more photos.

I've randomly flicked open the album and taken a shot.

_MG_6241 I use a three ring binder album, and 4x6 page protectors. I printed on some plain white card some AE journaling blocks, however have used lined index cards before. The protectors above are American Craft, and I like that they offer the two orientations, however I have come to the conclusion that I would prefer the extra pocket and will be going back to the 6 per page protectors. And I like the AC ones in that they allow photos to be slotted in on each side, not just one side like the WRMK ones which I have also used.

I stick multiple photos in each pocket if they are similar. Its from here I will take any I need for scrapping.

_MG_6240 (2)I have used the "patches" Printblocks albums that I have managed to pick up for less than $25 (and they are just as good as the more expensive brands) but more recently I was able to grab a handful of very similar (but carrying a different brand name!) albums from my local "prices plus" (I think) store for $17 each. I am thinking of going there again next time I am in town and getting some more to put away!

And let me tell you, for a person that usually has 100 + photos for each month (and that is WITH editing! and taking a cut from each month) these albums are FULL. And the kids love flicking through them.

Which reminds me, I must order some more page protectors!


  1. Thanks for showing how you get your photos into albums. Prior to digi cameras I used to keep up. Now I think I am back to needing to get 6mths worth of photos printed let alone into an album.

    Loved your cameraless post. We cant seem to coordinate rainless days and cattle yard work.....

  2. I think a lot of us face the problem of how to store/print/keep photos and stories. With the age of digital it is nothing to shoot 200 photos off over a weekend away so narrowing down your pics to 100 a month you are doing well. A couple of years back I narrowed it to 200 a month, put them in albums but after 6 months I had 6 wopping albums (from USA) and I had to stop because that was only half a year. The problem is photos just don't get printed. A friend of mine and I have been pondering this very thought and she wondered if spending all this time on photo books would be worth while and would they just sit on the shelf. A comment was made to her that at least someone would get to look at them, if they are on your computer no one does and ain't that the truth. I haven't come up with my ideal situation yet either. I like what you are doing and it's even better when it works for you and you can manaage keeping up. Have a Happy Easter. Kath (PS no idea why you have trouble reading my blog... very weird)

  3. Ah Kath...good response. We are getting to clever with our photo taking and now we have tons of great photos. I do love this idea Sharon

  4. Love the idea Sharon, it looks great! And would work well for me too. Maybe I could just add some straight into the kids albums. You have inspired me to get up to date with the printing again, at least I will have a place to put them. Where did you order the sleeves from? Blue Bazaar?


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