Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thought of the Day

Ah, finally some reality in all of the positive, albeit lovely, sayings and prints that are getting around.

Very much imbedded in reality (and in the possibility that I very well may be getting old and falling apart) here; well I am, the kids are currently well away from reality, watching the first Narnia movie on dvd after I picked up all three (including the newest one, which looks rather awesome) and peeking out from behind pillows, as it is rather scary for a kids movie!

Not sure where my camera is it has been so long since I've used it. Planning on spending some time with it, with my kids in front, during the school holidays. Which are three long school days and one big sports day away.

I'll leave you with the thought above, which I think does not only apply to spouses, but ones children as well. ;-)

Oh and one other thought. Just been to the city again. Have I ever mentioned how awesome Bunnings is? I {heart} Bunnings. Or BUNNY'S as it is otherwise known around these parts. We love his pronunciation of it too much to make him say it properly!


  1. I love the quote Sharon....very true I think. Oh yes, how on earth did we live without Bunnings....something for everyone I say. Me too about the camera. I'm taking my photo a day but I feel as if it's just a snapshot and I need the time and the kids to take some great shots over the holidays as well. Enjoy...

  2. Absolutely love the quote Sharon. Some days are just harder than others to 'feel the love' aren't they.
    And yes, we are all looking forward to holidays. This twelve week term has been a killer, kids unravelling all over this state I suspect.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. Brilliant quote!!!
    Same here with my camera...time to really play :)
    and HOLIDAYS ARE HERE...bloody unreal!!!!

  4. 1.LOVE the quote - particularly aimed at certain 11 yr old
    2. I live 2 minutes from most enormous bunnings ever. When asked what she want's to be she grows up Amelia says "a Bunnings worker - where lowest prices are just the beginning". Yes we love Bunnings - great cafe and kids play area at out one.
    3. We are Narnia heads in this house and just watched newest one this week - hubby wasn't thrilled cause they deviated too far from the books - esp newest one, but hey, a decent movie, so I don't care too much. He's a purist.


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