Friday, April 22, 2011

I don't think the Sports Institute will be calling us

Remember we had sports day last week?  My kids had a great time, however I don't think we shall ever need worry that the Australian Sports Institute will be ever calling with an invitation.

_MG_6160She concentrates SO much! i know she can run faster at home - I've struggled to catch her - although I am FAR from being fleet of foot!




It's obvious, really. His too large shorts are to blame. Wind resistance. Still, he got a participation ribbon and was so pleased with himself. And was SO excited to be allowed to wear school uniform!


Munchkins! (also included the spare kid that I was looking after for the day).


  1. such country kids running in bare feet, Catherine Freeman would be proud

  2. loved running in my bare feet when I was kid in the country.

  3. BRILLLIANT life in the city!!!!
    But as a groundsmans wife...lines a bit wonky lol

    seriously love these shots sharon :)

  4. Love it all, too funny, wonky lines, spare kid and all.

  5. Great pics, perhaps the wonky lines contributed to the slowing speed!


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