Saturday, April 2, 2011


It is {finally!} a rainy, drizzly old day here, and after an interesting few days and flying trip to the city and back, and wandering around not quite sure what to do with myself {ignoring Mt Folding of course} I decided to play.

It started with this: a rough idea in my head that did not match any of the templates I have stashed away on my hard drive.

wip kate stuffThe most recent photo of the Big Girl - I have been slack with the camera and have taken hardly any photos of the kids this year. Bad mother! {and am I the only one wanting to take scissors to her fringe?!}

This is where I ended.  I don't think I am going to win any design awards, and that god awful photo that my printer produced will be staying, thanks to the stickiness of the double sided tape from Spotlight that they must also sell to airlines to hold planes together. When they say permanent, they mean it!  

_MG_6132And I finally used my purchased-before-Christmas toy, and it seemed to take an inordinately long time to figure out how to cut out that one word there, but geez, it was fun watching it happen! 

Might go and cut some more things now, just for fun. Perhaps some cute shapes to put on the kids bedroom doors! I'll share the results (after I wipe off the mildew - 24 hours of rainy-ish weather and its blossoming!)


  1. It looks great to me Sharon, but I'm no scrapbooking officionado!
    Pleased you're finally getting a little taste of rain, we just can't see an end in sight here, in fact we're about to take a tractor out to pull yet another vehicle out of a bog. And we've just had to cancel our local show ... just too wet.
    Still better than 2009 which brought us to our knees at the other end of the spectrum.
    Good luck with your mildew. The troops are avoiding me today, more interested in the newly installed oven.
    Enjoy your rain. Hope it keeps coming for you.

  2. awesome page...such a good capture of life :)


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