Monday, April 25, 2011

an observation about narnia

I recently bought all three of the Narnia movie series, and the kids watched it at the start of the holidays.

No other movie has captured their imagination like this one. They argue over who wants to be Susan or Lucy (Susan being the favourite) or if Angus is to be Peter or Edmund (and is it me, but Prince Caspian in the last movie is quite  easy on the eye!)

Has this prompted the same reaction in your children? Kate can't wait to read well enough to read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (and the series) - I read the first one or two as a child, but wasn't overly fond of them. I far preferred my Billabong books, and Trixie Beldon (not Nancy Drew!). They haven't enjoyed Harry Potter as much either (too scary, they only watch the first two movies) - however I must confess to really enjoying the HP books, particularly the first two as well.

Has any movie intrigued your children like this?

PS. Personally, Lucy is my favourite!


  1. In our house, the rules are you gotta read the book before you watch the movie. Marc has started reading the Narnia series to lucy, and is reading the HP to Amelia and Amaris is reading HP herself. Personally I think HP is not for little kids. We don't allow Lucy to watch any of them, and have only started to let Amelia (almost 9) watch the first two movies, (knowing the books helps her to know whats coming!). I actually think HP is for about 10 and older. It's too complicated, heck, I had to read the series twice to fully get it! As soon as everyone has read Narnia, we'll get the movie. Of course Marc and I have seen all the movies to both, as well as Lord of the rings, though I'm so blonde he had to keep stopping the movie tell me what the heck was going on - won't be letting the kids watch that one though! Yikes.

  2. My kids adore Narnia (they get that from me ;) ) In addition to the movies we've listed to the fantastic Focus on the Family radio productions of the books, and read the books together. Last year, the Little Guy had a Narnia themed birthday party.

    They are fond of Harry Potter, me not so much... but now we're reading the Hobbit and they are getting hooked on Tolkien, as is right and proper.


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