Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things I found in the garden

_MG_6137This pony, hanging over the fence, wanting to get in and wreak havoc and destruction, and eat and poop on my lawn.

_MG_6136The remains of some game or check list (I think it they were checking off who loved mum that day?!)  and excessive use of sticky tape under a shady bush on the lawn. They weren't loving mum so much when I made them pick up and put away those same bits and pieces not long after this photo was taken! 


  1. Beautiful horsey :-)

    I am rather impressed with that list!

  2. Great list!
    Won't ask what you've done to offend Kate today though.

    By the way, if you look up Dungarvan in your map book, you'll see where we're heading. Bottle Tree Creek is a piece cut off it. You may see Charbo on the map, which is Mum & Dad's place, and we'll join them.

    We're very excited. Possibly a few sleepless nights in the meantime, and if we can't sell this place within the four years we'll be in a real pickle! We're confident we will be right though.

    Really beautiful horse shot by the way.

  3. Cute list :)
    Cute horse...I love horses...and Mum ;)


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