Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh No! Who let THEM out!

I just received this photo and had to share. You might remember that just after Easter I was involved in our local campdraft as secretary, which was a very taxing and busy job, and involved four very full days away from home.

I like being at home. Mostly.
Anyhow, on the Friday afternoon we finished up campdrafting and our paperwork early enough to be able to go for a ride, and get the cobwebs from our brains. All of the women here, including myself, have competed at some time or other ('cept for Rachel on the far right, actually. She had more sense) but for one reason or another (mostly KIDS), we don't anymore.
So we scrounged some horses, and off we went. It was great.

L-R: Mel, Jody, Me, Yvonne & Rachel. Guess who needs a new "going out" hat. And guess who SHOULD be wearing a hat. Ahem, Yvonne.

The President, aka Captain Cupcake (Rachel's husband) had the foresight to grab a photo before we went. I am not sure how, but I have a feeling that he may use this against us one day.

I must thank these wonderful girls -without their help over the campdraft things would have not run as smoothly, and for their assistance I am truly grateful. What great friends I have!
None of 'em, apart from me, have blogs, or else I would link them up. Come on girls, get with it! Get a blog!
Otherwise, just leave a comment, OK? And the rest of the world - you can leave one too - tell them how great they are!


  1. You all rock! I am impressed, seeing as how I am terrified of horses!!!

  2. I think someone needs to say how wonderful you are Sharon. Being so organised, creative and fun to work with over the week-end made it easy for us to be there and lend a hand when you needed it. Congratulations on a job well done! I really enjoyed being apart of it.


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