Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All things Green

Firstly, taken up my paintbrush again today....I don't think it was going to be quite this green in my mind (and doesn't look that bright in the tin!) (after the first coat)

I am hoping that the colour may deepen with the next coat, as the white undercoat could be brightening it; in any case if I use this to do a wall in the girls room I think a fair amount of white may be added to tone it down a tad!  And now I am pleased that I bought black shelving brackets for the new shelves, and black folders (I was despairing as I couldn't get the green ones I wanted!) but now....I think the black will be just what is needed!

Self explantitory - THE new bag, which is exceeding hard to photography with one self holding it.  Oodles of room, lots of padded inserts.  Will look very handsome leaning on my desk in the office, comparing green notes with the wall!

My garden/back yard - (click on to enlarge)  this is taken from the gate to the back paddock, looking towards the house and the street and front gate.

And this one is taken from beside the bbq (see in the first photo) looking at the rest of the garden (its sort of a crank handle shape if you drew it on paper).  Please note that I should have taken these photos AFTER the lawn had been mowed and trees pruned and stuff put away.  But I didn't...just keepin it real folks - now, do you want to see my bathroom?! ;-)  its looking very real at the moment!

Garden even greener now, photos were taken over a week ago, before we went to the coast.

Sitting here at my desk, looking at that wall....MAN oh MAN, is it ever GREEN!! I feel like I have used a green highlighter to paint the wall with!!

PS. Just made myself a new header...sigh...anyone notice the mistakes?!  its going to drive me nuts....


  1. The colour will darken with the second coat... but the first colour looks fine anyway. Love the camera bag... very jealous.
    Why don't you put the missing comma in over the top of your jpg.

  2. Header is flash, where did you get the brush .... is it a brush in the left corner? And, what's wrong with mud scrapbooking ;-)
    LOVE LOVE the camera bag .... ahhh.
    Green walls - do the next coat and then look at it in all light ... may not be so bright after all???

  3. Just being nosy and all .... what size do you make your headers?

  4. I am with Amy mud scrapbooking sounds fun!! the wall color is alive and great...it will inspire your creative juices go green!

  5. First thing I noticed when your page loaded was the awesome header - so want one - need to gather some pics to use (or more like take some)! You did a great job. I didn't notice, I had to go back and look. Who needs a comma any way. Kids are gorgeous.

  6. Nice green! Love green atm :)
    MMM...that bag looks like a good home for my camera;)The dollar is good!!!

    So love all the green in your backyard...i miss my grassy backyard :(

  7. I don't see any mistakes...just a gorgeous header! Love the camera bag, and all this greenery! Am loving finally having green grass at our place!!!


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