Sunday, January 24, 2010


puddin and pie my new place for my favourite photos each month for 2010, a place for all of the brilliant photography blogs that I have bookmarked, and a place for any other photography related ideas that I come accross that I just have to share.

I'll transfer accross my photography related links from here (tidy the place up a little!) - I can't say that I will post often over there (one blog is bad enough to post at on a regular basis!) but it will be a great place to gather my thoughts and the brilliance of other people!

And the name?  I was sitting here, thinking "just what can I call it that has meaning to me, but isn't daggy and doesn't include my name (which I am not fond of, but it does its' job!) when daughter number two wandered past.  She has had a bit of a bad day, with a little friend of both girls over for a sleep over last night - so tired and cranky, and three girls isn't much fun sometimes, with a bossy older sister pushing her out of the fun (sometimes unintentionally, sometimes NOT!).  One of her nicknames popped into my head "Georgie Porgie", and the rest of the line followed "puddin and pie"....and hence the name. Silly hey!


  1. I love being inspired by everyone different photos and other great photography blogs so I'll be checkin in.

  2. Just going over to look now :-)

  3. BRILLIANT name...heading there now!!!


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