Monday, January 11, 2010

Internet Goodness Again

 A very light and fluffy post today - returned from the coast on Saturday afternoon, and am suffering from return-to-reality-itis...and a sore neck, which has been building for awhile, so a visit to someone to be vigourously massaged might be in order...

So, of course, with all that there hasn't been much happening, apart from unpacking and washing and dreading the arrival of the credit card bill! ;-)

But I do have some internet goodness fluff to share, so lets 'at it!

I know its not Christmas again for another 11.5 months, but if you happen to come across some pine cones on your travels this year, collect them to make this cute garland thingy.  Bit of hot glue and some imagination, and done.  Pine cones aren't all that common up here though sadly!

Found this cute and oh so simple handmade wallet tutorial HERE - so simple that even I could tackle it!  Added to my ever growing list of things-to-make...

Ok. so this idea might be old as, but seeing as we are venturing into the era of lego creating in my house, I think this is a great idea.  Now I may not go as far as making a coffee table, but I do have a little table that I could bluetac or velcro a big base sheet of lego to!  One way of keeping the creations safe and off the floor and out from under my feet!

Just some cute decorating, for my super decor inspired friend Kat (look at all of the little details) ...I will share some pics of her gorgeous home one day - that looks a million bucks on a tiny budget - and if you think I live waaay away from anywhere, she is even further....

A bit of an odd one here, but love the letter/graphic treatment on this sign.

These pinwheels are the topper of some lolly bags...great idea if you are so inclined!  My girl wants a little party for her 7th birthday, but I don't think I will be going to quite these lengths (even though I know pin wheels are super easy to make, and gee, I wonder if I would have any spare paper?!! hee hee)

I just "may" have mentioned that I am in the middle of re-organising/sprucing up my office, and have been thinking of some simple, cheap and easy ways to add the finishing touches... some hessien twine/string glued around a bottle or tin, or some paper glued around a tin (I think I would mod podge to seal)...I can see three tins with co-ordinating paper lined up on my new (or soon to be erected, I should say!) shelf...

And lastly, I came across another very inspiring photography blog here, the images make me swoon...and don't people have some lovely ideas for their weddings!  I particulary like the folded paper idea here on the left - so simple!  (simpler than the tissue paper pom poms?) and perhaps this idea would look cute hanging from the ceiling....instead of the ill fated paper cranes I tried last week!! :-)


  1. where do you find the time? Please send some my way (time that is). It is a lovely way to spend it though. Hope your trip was relaxing. Where are the pics? Love the garland, perhaps I will collect some and post pack them to you - think they' get squashed? Why do the houses that display these picture always look so pristine and un cluttered. Love the boxes in that fire place shot - do you thing she covered them? Also really love that sign too. Must chat to you about new blog/website will email soon.

  2. Great internet lovelies again Sharon :-)
    Look after that neck of yours - back/neck pain is so disgustingly horrible .... hope you can get it looked at soon.


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