Monday, January 18, 2010

And repeat!

So here's some more DYL layouts, including this week's topic of repetition ("And repeat"....get it?! Oh, I am SO clever its not funny! hee hee ho ho!)

I can't say I overly thrilled with this one, but not so unthrilled that I plan to do it again!  The nitty gritty - its a double 8x8, so I can have it printed and then just put it away, or I can stick it on 12x12 and add some pretty paper... Not sure which...

Again a double page, 8.5 x 11 this time, which I will reduce to 8x10 and print.  A page using some of the useless photos that I took on our holiday trip to Cairns in 2008.

I have to say I think I will be doing a lot more of this hybrid style of scrapbooking in the future... it FEELS quick, though it probably isn't all that much faster!  It is however, MUCH tidier!


  1. Love the second page. Read the journalling. In 2004 for our 5th wedding anniversary Andrew and I went to Cairns. When you posted about Kuranda was going to say we've been there. Now I have worked out that we stayed at the exact same place. How funny. Did you go to the restaurant across the road, on the beach?
    Maybe you can just scrap my photos from then too!

  2. LOL Di, that frog possible resembles this blog author sitting on the couch some days....!

    Shannon - we won a holiday to Cairns Beach Resort - lovely place, but not for "big" families...only one bedroom and not really enough space! Kids loved the pool and the beach, but sadly no restraunts (though I KNOW the one you mean! lovely deck on the beach!) with the kids in tow, we used the kitchen in our room. I'll say one thing - the beach there was LOUD - we were closer to the beach at Mission Beach but the waves were much quieter!

  3. Sorry perhaps should have clarified. We went pre kids! And yes it would have been very squashy! And I did think the restaurant was not very kid friendly! Such a different life and way of seeing things isn't it. Still Love the page and the story.

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head with this style of scrapping - it is the lack of clutter and the associated clean up which makes you feel it is quicker - I'm enjoying it though!

  5. I love your pages Sharon. Simple style is great and I love seeing lots of photos on a page. I have to try the collage thing.


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