Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making An Exception

I don't have a lot of photos of myself in recent years - normally I am behind the camera, and especially as I have issues with my weight (and therefore appearance!) I don't like many of the few photos that happen to have me included in them.

However, today I am making an exception.  Remember back before Christmas, my friend Mel came and took some family photographs...well, she's slowly catching up on her editing, and shared this with me...

Mel very cleverly left out the fat belly bits...(and lets not talk about the bottom, OK!) and I have to say, its not too bad!  And even though I desperatley needed a haircut...I actually don't mind this photo!  (now that I think about it, its probably more realistic that I have lots of messy hair, as that is pretty much how I spend every day - a haircut lasts me around a week before it looks "normal" again!!

So there you have it - me. Wrinkles and all, albeit wearing some makeup and lippy (can't be TOO real now, can we?!!)

Thanks Mel. xox

Justifying Text in PSE

I just learnt a new trick that I had to share with you:  how to justify text in PSE (justify - even spread the text over the text box area, rather than left or right or centre alignment!)

This will seriously make my little anal world SO HAPPY, you cannot believe it, as this one thing has annoyed me so much when using PSE - I didnt' know how to have the text justified.

1. Draw you text box - click on the T, then click and drag the text box to fill the area you wish the text to appear.
2. Type in the text you want.  Fill 'er up.
3. When finished, Control+Shift+ J.  Done.

Its as easy as that - why didn't anyone tell me that before!! I love having justified text.....


  1. I know I'm the photographer and so abit biased but I do love this photo of you. It make me feel like "ahh, that's my good friend Sharon!" It's like you're just standing right there in front of me. And that's how photos should be! Real!... and gorgeous! A beautiful person both inside and out!

  2. It's a great shot Sharon, not that we ever like photos of ourselves but this is a keeper.

  3. So nice to see you! Its not so much about you, the kids will love to have this when they are older! And Mel you are right it is a good shot especially if you see it as how they are normally (you must get around in a bit of make up normally ;) where do you find the time)
    Smile be happy and tuck it away for the kids, or scrap a page about their mum and her everyday!

  4. You were totally justified being annoyed :P sorry had to throw it in :)

    YOU LOOK GREAT...what a lovely photo...I am awaiting mine with baited breath from Leanne...bring on PS!!!

  5. I think Mel has captured such a beautiful photo of you Sharon - you are exuding warmth, personality and friendliness - you need to make a page about you - what you like/dislike and general stuff about yourself for the kiddos and heaven forbid the grand-kiddos one day! Hey, you could even include your love of green photo bags and fluffy internet posts ;-)
    So glad you found a way to justify your text - you could include that in your 'Sharon exclusive' page!!

  6. I absolutely love the photo of you! You are beautiful! I know we always tend to not be in the pictures, because we happen to be behind the camera or because we would rather be behind the camera! lol.. But every now and then, it's good to be in the spotlight! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Its a gorgeous gorgeous pic of a gorgeous gorgeous woman! love it Sharon!
    We had a lovely lunch at Sizzler yesterday with the lovely Mandy Gill and her kids! So much fun catching up!!!

  8. and you still look great s t r e t c h e d :)

  9. Beautiful Photo of you...if your Mel photo's are anything like ours it's so hard to pick what to print!I have my pockets(arrived today) and my PSE(arrived today) so am now going to put some of your fab ideas into motion...what happened with the green paint?

  10. Hey Sharon..fancy finding you on here...Kirstys great to catch up..will love reading your blog


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