Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gathering My Thoughts and So On

So, this morning so far I have: had breakfast, done the dishes, fed the chooks and cats, put a load of washing out and another one on, put some sprinklers on the garden, watched the news, made the kids (+ 1 - an extra having a sleepover) eat breakfast, get dressed, make their beds; refereed countless numbers of arguements and tiffs, and ignored just as many, rounded the kids up and took the ride on mower down to the park where I mowed, and quickly cleaned the public toilets (a P & C obligation), chatted to a neighbour and passed on to her some outgrown kids clothes, ran another neighbours' dogs and watered some of her garden (they are away), and then we had smoko.

The time here is 11:40am.  Now I am going to do some bookwork and prepare a huge pile of invoices (I've been neglecting the bookwork a little) to go in the mail tomorrow. 

But first, I want to share with you the topic that I harrassed my online/email friends  with yesterday (bored them silly I am sure!) but if this is a problem for me, surely it is the same for many others out there.... namely wedding photos.

I had a vague idea of what I thought I should do -firstly get them out of the awful stick down album they are in.  I ummed and arhed, and finally after flipping through the photos themselves again, have come to a plan.  And I have written it down, with notes on supplies and so on! So I don't forget....

Ok, so I won't be using every photo as part of a "showcase".  I've been through and picked out the best and my favourites (and earmarked some for enlargement to use in the album).  The bulk of the photos are 4x6.

The album will be based around these albums and pages by Ingunn (? forgotten her surname!) and Laura Kurz, which are 8x8.

I was orginally going to use some divded WRMK 8.5 x 11 page protectos, but then realised that landscape style photos do not translate well to enlargements in this size. So went back to 8x8, and will use a mixture of divided pages and full pages as shown in the examples above - PLUS the cute white butterfly idea. Love it. My colour scheme will be navy and white.

The only twist to this will be:  these will be housed in a 12x12  navy printblocks patches d-ring album (I'll have to re punch the 8x8 page protectors I guess) and the left over photos will be slipped into 12x12 6 photos per page divided page protectors, at the back of the album.  I can easily slip a little cardstock title or journalling into one of those pockets if I need to, but this album will be fairly light on journalling, its more about getting the photos away and kept for posterity!

I even have worked out my titles and "division" pages - front title page (obviously!) followed by the before-the-wedding shots; The Ceremony (ceremony shots obviously!);  Mr & Mrs (like above) followed by the after wedding pics; Reception (obvious!); The Details (including the guest list, invitation, music etc and then The Outakes the rest of the photos, including snapshots of the breakfast that we and all of the guests had at our motel the next morning.

So that's it, finally these will have a decent home! Hopefully this project will be simple and quick to complete.

My invoicing awaits! Hope this might help someone else as well!


  1. Oh man, I'm exhausted just reading about your morning let alone doing it. Did you forget it was Sunday...a rest day, alother is there ever a rest day for us mums where the jobs never stop?
    I like your ideas for the wedding album. I would like to have the energy to do something similar with mine, I have all the negatives so will have to sit down and scan them all in one of these days. Can't wait to see how your album turns out.

  2. It's out in blog world now - you have to get to and do it now! Can you come do some of my jobs?

  3. I have been gathering it all togehter - found all of the photos (eek! I found a huge pile that weren't even in the album, but mostly for a reason...might double up when I put them in the pockets) and have a plastic box for everything - photos - page protectors - cardstock etc to dump everything in. I should, while the ball is rolling, find the cd and order the handful of enlargements that I earmarked ... it SEEMS simple ....feeling like a huge job! might just start by taking the photos out of the sticky album! ;-)

  4. This project is going to keep you busy for ages! Keep us updated ;-)


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