Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The First Day

The first day of the next stage in our lives - TWO kids at school; Georgie starts prep and Kate in Year Two. Two very excited-to-be-going-to-school (more to see the other 7 kids at school, than for the academic side of things!) girls got ready in record time this morning  and one very sad little boy couldn't understand why he couldn't stay at school as well. Fair bit of wrassling mum on the couch and playing trucks with dad (who just happened to spend the day at home for a change!) to distract him from his loneliness!

(look at that sad little face - mostly becuase he wasn't wearing new shoes -
he hadn't realised at this stage that he was coming home sister-less!)

And boy, didn't he and Georgie play together well when they got home! For all of their constant bickering and power struggles, they are good mates, and missed each other - they've had the past two years together at home while Kate has been at school.

And look at those new shiny white joggers on the girls. Not looking so shiny after the first day I have to report!

I planned to have a series of photos to share with you of our activites over the past few days, but Elements threw a little tanty after I did this set, so you;ll have to wait til tommorrow.  I'll probably add them to this post to keep the photos in their order!  And then I have to pick my top 9?  (will have to check how many again) for my recap of January  - I'll post them on my other blog. 'Til then!


  1. Gorgeous kiddos - they are getting so tall!
    I love photos from the first day of school, we still look at ours at Mum and Dad's every now and then ... way too funny ;-)

  2. Love this sequence...
    Oh I know the changes feelng, today I have pre-school,school and Uni ...not sure if to cry or smile!!!

  3. Poor Angus! Glad the girls had a great day. Now am I having a blonde/holiday moment? I can't find your other blog! And I believe there should be a Happy Birthday today? Andrew's was yesterday and we headed to Nelson Bay today for a short break.

  4. yes birthday today (loves the tea set!) and there will be photos soon - thank goodness its Saturday & that the first week of school was only three days! Put puddin & pie link up over there on the side for you!


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