Monday, January 4, 2010

More DYL

I struggled with these ones - perhaps because of the bigger journalling area (funny, I seem to have lots to say on other occassions?) or just the one photo?  I might try again and put four in the journalling area...and this one came with a colour scheme which I also couldn't get the feel of either. OR perhaps its becuase it was after 10pm....!

Anyhoo, here they are:

First one is about my dreams of a shiny, tiled laundry IN my house (currently, as this is an old house, the laundry is detached and in a little shed near the house. Very rustic, but a bit of a pain, especially as its more of the blah type of shed at the moment and not just quaint!  We do have rebuilding plans, as it is getting quite holey around the bottom, so then I might be able to make things a little nicer) Picture, a bit arty farty, is of husband's work clothes on the line. maybe I should substitute with a picture if a lovely laundry from somewhere on the net (I am not using one of my laundry!)

A title will go on the patterned paper once printed, some nice thickers I think!

And this one, obviously, my favourite 2009 Christmas photo.  Its meant to have a circle element at the top between the photo and the patterned strip, but I again will add that (scallop I think) after printing and put the title on that ala Nicole.

Off to the city on Wednesday, but hopefully I will post some photos from the past few days (mud & doll houses & more of the girls room) before then.


  1. Great pages Sharon!
    My cousin has just moved into her new house and her laundry is to die for - gobsmacking to say the least .... actually I think her laundry is as big as our kitchen, dining and laundry combined ;-)
    Well, we all need something to dream about!
    Love the green digi paper - have that lurking around here somewhere!

  2. I like them both. Must look into that digi paper thing. I do get the DD newsletter is it that or something else? I love the photo of the jeans. And to answer your question it is the Early Learning Centre, they have lots of cool stuff, and you can shop online.

  3. Great stuff... and your dreams of a laundry make me think of my mum... with similar dreams.

  4. great pages...will give this template a go asap

  5. lovely lovely! I'm going to subscribe to this blog right now!


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