Monday, January 18, 2010

Some more DYL

I've slowed down on the DYL assisgments - turns out that I don't like assymetrical - but then why am I surprised?!  Although I don't claim to be a clean freak, or be the tidiest person in the world, when I DO clean and tidy and do things, they have to be straight.  No crooked lines or much assymetry in my world...unless of course it is BALANCED...  oh, Cathy, you would be so proud of me!

So I've abandoned the truly out there assymetrical layout that she set us to do (which was way to hard for me to convert into something easy to have printed as well) and gone to the balanced assymetrical layout.  Hitting those photos from back in 2008 that were crying out for some attention....!

The nitty gritty details for those that are interested:  I will crop the photo parts of this 12x12 double layout (the photos spread across the centre line) into a 8x6 for the left hand side and an 8x10 for the right hand side.  The two 8" edges will meet in the centre, placed onto some white 12x12 card. No extra needed as the patterned paper is built into the photo spread..I did consider leaving the title blank and adding thickers, but that would make my head hurt if they didn't end up fitting....

The layout is about the Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve, which is really more Kuranda than Cairns..but well worth a visit (albeit an expensive one!) The closest zoo like this for us to visit would be Australia Zoo perhaps, which is way down south, and even then, do they have lions and tigers? I would have thought the kids would have been way more excited about seeing the big cats, and rhino etc (and the bears? so watchable!) but apart from the very kid like monkeys, they seem to get the most kick out of feeding the chooks and the guinea fowls.  Things they can DO AT HOME. (well not the guinea fowls).

Anyhow, I'd go back again, we adults thought it was great , and apart from the animals I especially loved the balinese-like sandstone carving /ornaments they had around the place - I want some for myeslf, and the photos need a layout of their own! ;-) and we may visit there again in a few years if we get up north again, and the kids are older and more albe to appreciate the animals.

More DYL later on hopefully, once I put a stop to the thundering around the house, squealing, yelling and door slamming I can hear happening as I type! 


  1. Great page. Glad to have those monkeys home? I need a new template please! Or just make the page for me? I need to get some photos printed. Can't wait to see more.

  2. You've adapted the page really well Sharon - I found the double page over the gutter layouts really hard in this class ... probably the ones I like the least.
    We are going to take the kids to Australia Zoo sometime this year - only for a long weekend though - my darling little boy is in love with Bindi Irwin!

  3. it and you printing plan.
    Will give it a go too :)

    pp please???


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