Sunday, January 3, 2010

Internet Goodness

So, I have vacuuming to do and washing to fold (blah!) but thought I would get rid of this stash of internet goodness ideas that I have been gathering for awhile. Need to get rid of the ideas out of my head sparked by these and move on! (warning: long post, lots of pics and very light n fluffy!)

Love this photo with the girls and their tutus, but ESPECIALLY love the pink cowboy boots.  I think I need to get some for at least one of my girls (well, only one needs new winter boots this year!).  So, if you see any, let me know!  (and isn't their headwear so cute as well!)

Continuing the canvas art there, here's a cute idea that you could easily adapt  - little coloured doilies for the flowers, or cut out/punched shapes, and some simple and fun painting.  Even I could do this, but I am not. Becuase I haven't finished their name canvas things yet.

I am waiting for some less humid weather to finish painting my office wall green - more apple than this, but loved coming across this photo (from Moon Ko) of a green wall.  I have collected some black boxes similar to these from the discount store (and might go back and get some white ones as well) for storing my serpate committee paperwork in...And I will have either green or black lever arch or box files as well...I was going to have white shelving units...what do you think? 

Just a bit of whimsy - what cute sock protectors!! Think I need to buy some of these for my friends (female ones of course!) AND for myself! (from madeit )  (fyi  - stops grass seed and dirt and the likes from getting in ones socks and down into ones work books.  A bit of spear grass seed in one's sock has been known to halt all proceedings until located and removed.  And you DON"T want to feel one in your underwear - if you see someone suddenly jump off their motorbike and drop their daks, you know that speargrass has invaded!!)

Great book mark idea!  I'm going to collect some colour cards from bunnings and make some of these for myself!! And perhaps back them with some matching patterned paper...Too easy. Love this idea.

Now, if you need some name labels and bag tags for school, you must check out this lovely site:  Fairy Dust Design.  I've ordered some tags and labels for my girls (and a tage for my boy's backpack), as well as some for one of my neices' birthday, to add to the tutu gift.  Fairyt Dust has a lovely range of party invitations and cake toppers as well, if you don't want to make your own. Worth checking just for ideas!

Now onto yesterday afternoons time wasting and ultimatley dissapointing craft endeavours.  I saw this wonderful video over at jinkyart (gorgeous photography site that I've just been introduced to by Mel) which had in it some lovely folded paper cranes as a mobile in a  girls room. (cuter than the photo below)

See, look how cute they are, even good old Pottery Barn were selling them as Christmas ornaments. So off I go to the internet to find some instructions to do this.  I have half a brain, I'm a scrapbooker, so surely I can handle some paper folding.

Well, let me tell you something, dear reader.  Either I am a complete idiot and cannot follow instructions (which could be possible!) or its waaay harder than it looks.  It could be the instructions are not well written as well.... but lets just say my attempts at a "simple" butterfly and a "simple crane" did not yeild a result like any that you see above...

Anyone with experience in this department, I'd love to hear from you.  Otherwise I am going to call this failed and think of something else!  Like this:

My dear and wonderfully creative friend Kat sent me this idea, which would look lovely on my branches, dont you think? Now THIS looks simple enough for me to handle (after my shamful failed origami attempts!)

And one last bit of internet goodness, Coffee Shop has released a new action, very dreamy looking and would be lovely used on shots of little girls in long dresses running around a garden... (I like the third one best). So go forth and download, if you are into actions (pse friendly too)

So that's it, my vacuuming and folding await.  Apparently the housework fairies haven't been whilst I have been composing this post....


  1. I bet I've been to the same 'simple origami' site you've been to - James is right into it at the moment - well, tears ensued!

    The green office is SENSATIONAL - LOVE LOVE IT!

    Book marks are a very good idea, thank you. But, don't need sock protectors at the moment - I think they'll be popular in your neck of the woods!

    Cute name tags - I quite like Stuck On You for name labels .... seem to be hard wearing and can be cute too.

    Will have a look at Coffee Shop at a later date - download restrictions at the moment!

  2. perhaps I should clarify more - not my office pictured...I so wish it was!! but we are getting closer...

  3. Love the bits and pieces you've got on here. Super! Love the picture of the office.


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