Sunday, January 3, 2010


So I got the poops after cleaning up the girls room AGAIN (everything has a home, but you wouldn't think it) and then installing their new doll house from Santa, and then vacuuming all sorts of crap off of the loungeroom floor.

I am raising piglets, I am sure of it.

Anyhow.  So I did some playing with the templates from the CZ class I finally decided to take.  Mind you, I might not have read all of the stuff (need to print out and put in a pretty binder to read and digest) but I sure am having fun.

I decided to do it all digitally/hybrid (more or less) and will print out and stick onto paper like I;ve been doing with my collages to date.

This was a 12x12 originally but I have dropped it back to 8x8 so I can easily print it (8x10 and crop).  I have done this one three times, just changing out the picture of the child, so each one has a layout for their album.  The steam train ride is something they all still talk about.

This one was 8.5 x 11 with a heap of white space around, so I cropped down to the nitty gritty so the white space will be "real" card when glued down.  Because I am a twit and didn't put a border around the white background on this, you can't see it, but it will end up a 8x10 double page with lovely white space. The title didn't have that strip of card behind it on her template, but I couldn't read it on the photo so had to improvise.  And because this is all about "balance' and "symmetry" of course the same strip had to continue to the other page, in this case the green paper.

So there you have it.  Now I better go and hunt something down for tea!


  1. Oooo now I want to go do her class - but I have only half done Ali's. Will have to give a miss. May need to talk to you about templates. Love the pages you have done. They always seem so quick on the computer. Not as much enjoyment as with the paper though. I am working on the template you sent me now. Will post soon. Will dig out some of my templates and send to you - not sure I have saved mine without the images in them!

  2. LOVE THEM!!!
    A bit of Bazzill in the background and wella...texture :)

  3. Sensational pages - you are going to LOVE this class - it is the best one I have ever taken .... learnt a lot!
    I've been using her templates - digi ones a lot recently, very handy!
    Are there a million and one people taking the class again? Was nearly 2000 the first time around.

  4. Oh god. Now I need to take this class. Lovely, lovely, layouts!


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