Thursday, October 21, 2010

A couple of random things

that could go in their own blog post but I can't be bothered.

1. Looking after this dog, who has an obsession with any tennis ball. And having someone throw it for him.  the kids were playing in the sandpit, and he kept nagging them to throw the ball. They buried it. He was most confused!

025 018I have no idea why there are traffic cones on the lawn. Ask my boy. They get relocated around the garden, sandpit, back paddock and back verandah on a regular basis.

2. This Child has been sleeping in my bed on a too regular basis, because he is "  'cared". (aka scared).  We are too tired to put him back to his own bed because we have had interrupted sleep from him sleeping in our bed the night/s before. It is a vicious cycle.  I have a mental note to scrap these photos soon.

055Yep, right in the middle.  I am fortunate that he gravitates towards his father during the night and wedges himself cosily under his shoulder blade, occasionally (while still sound asleep) flinging out a hand and feeling the nose or ear closest to him. Can be somewhat disconcerting.  The boys' gravitation towards his father and consequent discomfort experienced by the father trying to sleep - the father being quite large in length and also a fair sort of bredth - does not put the father in an especially good mood come morning.  (I have indicated that the father is more than welcome to relocate the child back to his own bed!  As there is no discomfort experienced on the mother's part!)

056And linen purists, I am aware that purple sheets do not go with my green pillowcases.  but when its dark and your eyes are closed, you can't  tell what colour they are.

Enough random blathering for one day!


  1. Clever kids - buring the t ball. LOL lucky you - your precious bundle gravitating towards dad. Mine finds me - he is 7 and still sneaking in :(.

  2. He's all worn out from the traffic controlling in the backyard!
    Isn't it one of the best sights as a parent ... a sleeping child! Even if he is in your bed :-)

  3. 1. aw...cute and it!!!

    2.sigh... cute sleepy shot BUT not in your bed...livvy having "bad" dreams atm...but happy to have light on and let me go back to bed ...phew
    and have always loved purple and green!!!

  4. Marc has just got home today after being away for 9 days and Lucy claimed his side of the bed as her own for the nine days. Actually, I totally loved it!! She is so snuggly, but not fun when Marc is at home. I usually get up and get into her bed and Marc wakes up next to someone different. Must scrap this. Gorgeous piccy's by the way.


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