Saturday, October 23, 2010

A quick page

before the Let's Eat blog hop happening 8pm tomorrow, created by Amy (

I tore this page out of a magazine recently.  


Thanks to Amy and her skills at undertaking a task immediately and making a template (having emailed her the page as a challenge to create a page from its design...which I haven't seen yet...ahem!  although I didn't actually set any guidelines or anything, just said - oi! make something like this! ) I ended up whipping up a hybrid page in no time at all.

I printed out the journaling block and title from the template, and punched the paper and photos with my often neglected square punch.050 Journaling is about how we LOVE Mission Beach and our dream of one day maybe buying a holiday unit there.  (Right now prices are reasonable - equivalent to a Townsville unit - Mission Beach is not overly developed and is still a nice quiet coastal town at the moment). But affording it, well, a Lotto win might be the only way it will happen! 

And if the squares look slightly skewiff in the photo, its because I have just remembered I haven't stuck em down yet!


  1. Sharon I love the simple design, looks great.

  2. Geez Mrs J you are a hard task master ;-) I'll post mine early in the week ... yours looks very good indeed!

  3. This is fab - great design for a layout. If Amy makes a template of it I shall have to beg her to send it my way :-)

  4. Hi I've come to you from Amy, This is gorgeous Sharon.

  5. I am so thrilled to find someone else who tears pages out of magazines for use as a clean and simple design :). This is lovely, and I will be posting my version next week, Sharon - yours is wonderful!


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