Monday, October 18, 2010

Finding ideas for some more sewing

Following the "success" of the pencil roll, I now want to make a simple drawstring bag to house all of the bits and pieces that go with our niece's pencil roll. But its gotta be pretty, right?!

Hanan'sDrawstringBag2 I like this idea, matching fabric.  I don't have anything nearly as cute in my pile, but I am sure I can come up with something.

With the bag plan sorted out, I thought I might like to add a little flower or something. Like this...

854cbfb52D8e2d2D40012D82682D04ab521f8209IMG5F1992 a528d5002Dcc232D4ec22Db5602De56c0753e074Floweebut I like this circle embellishment better.

Some more things that I found on my search for inspiration:

81d4906f2Da4002D4f972D968d2Da8fd5d919dbeIMG5Fr  CUTE headband!  And looks simple enough to make - here is a close up: (it has elastic at the back)

8823e6232D77032D45982D90d02D610dcd1d9120IMG5FrNow I am not sure that I am ready to venture into more sophisticated sewing like this yet ;-) - I best get through the drawstring bag first!

OOOH! Another idea that I could easily adapt to string across a bag!  cut some rough triangle shapes and then just pin them on and stitch down!  Leave the ends flapping and raw for interest. Hmm...what to do - circles or bunting? Decisions, decisions.....



  1. If you start making headbands like this, and start selling them, LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!

  2. I love the bag, the circle t-shirt is my fav and that headband .... way too cute :-)

  3. oh oh ...lots of lovelies here oh oh

  4. The circles on the headband are yoyos. Easy to make. Been making a flower headband myself.


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