Friday, October 8, 2010

Fishin' or rather Not Catchin' any Fish

The other day The Husband declared that We Were Going Fishing.  Our district had received some unseasonal good rain in September so the creek on the inlaws place had run and the waterholes were full.


We had a picnic:


And despite the husband removing himself away from the kids and wife once all hooks were baited and lines thrown in, the only person who got close to a fish was ME.  It was a tiddler and it just kept having a nice afternoon snack on my bait.

The Husband had thrown in some yabby traps. He caught one, plus a cat fish and a small golden perch. They all went back in the water.

050 (Isn't it a good thing that I had some mince defrosting for tea!)  So we abandoned the fishing and went for a play upstream at the creek crossing.

066  And guess which kid went home wrapped in a towel because it "accidentally" fell over.

And so ended The Husband's Afternoon of Fishing.  At least the picnic was nice!


  1. Awesome snaps Sharon! You are in a blogging frenzy today ;-)

  2. Cool. Loving the photos. Was it the boy perhaps??

  3. This reminds me of when we would go fishing with my cousin and her kids. My girls went a few times. I loved it.


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