Monday, October 25, 2010

some yummy colour schemes - eye candy

and images that are inspiring me.

I sort of want to print these out and have them as pretty postcards on the fridge.  Funny how the simplest of things can please my tiny mind!

Blues and yellows. This colour scheme matches my unmade little strippy quilt.


(if I didn't have kids that like to touch and feel and RELOCATE I would find some buttons that match one of my granma's old china plates and put out an arrangement like this just to make me happy!

Dunno what I would do with coloured doilies, but certainly I love how these look in their pretty colours!

62e16a6e2Dd9a02D4b402Daf622D0041efa2fc8d18762MLove the oranges and pinks. Very girly.

251400dd2Df2832D418a2Dac9c2Dc42ad82a58f8SpiceI haven't had a chance or the motivation to make that drawstring bag I've been talking about, but since seeing these layered flowers think this would be the perfect embellishment to the bag.  Just one, in the bottom corner. Perfect. (I have felt, and buttons, just have to scrounge around for the right patterned scraps).


And that's it. Might not be a lot of creativity coming out of here for a little bit, as I knuckle down and get some bookwork done.  Unless I get distracted and start surfing, but I am going to be strict with myself: just get it done already!


  1. these are sooo lovely! thx for sharing :) funny to see you're at monday when i'm still making the afternoon round of the blog hop!!

  2. Hey, what a great idea .... you could print out a few pictures and pop them into one of those collage frames - that would look so pretty!

  3. flowers on headbands...prerty


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