Monday, October 11, 2010

Thinking about Fashion

So Melbourne Cup is rolling around again, and while we don't sip champagne and rub shoulders with celebrities at Flemington, we do celebrate the race in style (oh, how I wish it were a national public holiday!)

And as much as I love to stay at home and watch the action on TV, I also enjoy going down to our local pub where we all dress up and have a lovely afternoon out. And don't worry, just because its not Melbourne, doesn't mean the fashion isn't as cutting edge or stylish!  (especially our publican, who would not be out of place on the Melbourne Fashions of the Fields).

You may remember I did purple last year.  It was quite comfortable and cool actually.  (although I need to find a nice purple cardy thing if to wear that outfit again...I have decided that I Need Sleeves).

After trawling through my wardrobe this morning on a whim, I then went searching on ebay (where else?!) for the perfect accessories....

melbourne cup 2010 I started off with a nice plain black shirt (with sleeves!) and a white and black skirt, and then out of nowhere ORANGE appeared in my head, and I thought how nice it would be to throw some colour into my black and white.  I don't own any orange at all (red another matter!) so what a perfect excuse! ;-)  And I found a black and white skirt as well (six bucks!) which I think will work better than the white and black I have...and decided on a black fascinator instead of orange (remembering I am a red head!) which will be more versatile.

What do you think? Too much? Stay away from orange? Does anyone else enjoy rounding up these fun little details? (living closer to real shops might make my job easier!)


  1. I think the orange is a winner, and I also think we win the 'most posting' award, unlike some people who shall remain nameless ('D')!

  2. Luuurvely Sharon, I really want that bag now!
    Most of our Melbourne Cup is based around sweeps and betting - my sisters often get hats made and special outfits and head off to the Birdcage, I'm not a fan of the races myself.

  3. It's all about the clothes. Nicole and Sharon I am having fun reading! Sharon Orange is great and it gets two votes here, one from me and one from my boy who adores orange. I don't know why he just does!


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