Friday, October 15, 2010

seeking crafty inspiration

Lately I have found myself bookmarking images of handmade things for inspiration...I am FEELING like making things (not just scrapbooking) although I haven't actually gotten around to it...there are always plenty of other things to do...

here are some things that have caught my eye recently:


Yes, another pencil roll.  Going to have a go at one for my niece's Christmas present.

MoonShineMariaSkirtCute girly skirt:

a2 Thinking of having a go at making my OWN skirt.  The pattern looks simple enough (and the style is one that I think suits my shape) (pattern image below - i like the plain version, but you can see it has two bits to it in view c)


.50a4d0642D2f7b2D42202Da3922D86e1ded0ac0eHome f0f1b16a2Df4b12D4fcb2D95bd2D5aae47ac3f14Eat13

I have a bloggy friend who I think would like these linen pears!

And finding some Christmas ideas...I thought it was a bit early, but when you think about it, its not all that far away!

3454b28e2D5e892D42142D9b602D0ea1052cfb52DSC03022 dc671d082D71f12D4cad2D95ea2D7195618ccea8Chrisr











(I have seen tutorials on making those flowers - ridiculously easy, however I do have a distinct lack of organza or satin laying around the house!)

18e5d72f2D8be32D403c2D96be2D754c8ce42499IMG5Fl LookWhosHereforChristmas (the cute strip-py stocking, you know how I love strips of lovely fabric!)

handmade yumAnd to finish off this very light and fluffy post, this little fellow....


  1. You can make the pencil thing, it's easy. Been making them to sell at Just like Katie. Love the fabric of the christmas dress, it's from spotlight. Been eyeing it off but I bought the Micheal Miller one. It's Christmas time here too, been sewing multitudes of Christmas dresses, skirts, jammies and headbands. So much fun! Now stop shopping on etsy and do some work ;)

  2. I NEED those pears .... could you send over the link please :-)

  3. I love those pears too!! I like the e.a.t ones. I'd sit them on dinner table and make everyone stare at them while I serve up. Are there pears that go after these ones that say 'and don't complain'?

  4. cute pears :)

    cute making Christmas ones for girls !!!

    and matching flower!!! organza ans satin coming you way (Spotlight tomorrow :)

    cute cards...making them

    see ...its your fault i get distracted and dont scrap ;)

  5. I'd love the links for both the skirts, I've been looking for the perfect, easy skirts for my two girls, and they look like them!

    the rest of your shares are pretty yummy, too!


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