Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I can tell its springtime

When the garden looks like this...and it does help when we get unseasonably good rain at a time when it is normally really, really dry.



_MG_4675  chan and ken wedding 158all little bits from my garden. (and my loopy dog) 


  1. Sharon, you have a lovely garden - well mown grass too ;-)
    We are not able to grow a lot of the exotic plants you have up there, such a pity as they are so colourfull and lush!

  2. I bought a pink bottle brush when I was away I hope it grows as lovely as yours...I need green finger lessons as well :0

  3. love these...we have the same franjipani and bottle brush :)

  4. On this other half of the globe (I am in The Netherlands:-)) Summer has really said its goodbye and we're well into Fall, experiencing the first frost of the Winter season. Needless to say I am already looking forward to Spring again heh. Beautiful pics, I especially love the top one. Enjoy Springtime!

  5. Wow, spectacular garden! Missed this post on the 20th - don't know how?


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