Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Parcels and fun stuff

So my boy has gone off to "help" dad and play with his little girl cousin for the day, so with this child free time you would think I would be elbow deep in complex paper work at my desk, furiously pounding on my calculator and keyboard.

Am I doing that? Nope.

Doing some of this instead:


So now I have completely justified the purchase of that $17 cute-as elephant punch with the production of this one little card! ;-) To go with a little baby gift of muslin wraps (hard to find, but perfect for our hot climate).  And I know his mum is a lover of handmade and crafty things (sent out handmade Christmas cards one year!)  I wrapped it with a painting that I had saved for this purpose.

003And just to complete, a bit of cute red spotty ribbon that I am positive that I recycled from some packaging quite some time ago. Love me a bit of recycling that is purty!

Continuing the gift theme, and in an effort to sail, or at least swim a little less frantically, through the madness that is the end of the year, I have got the kids teacher gifts underway.

004I found these CUTE AS little earrings at madeit.com.au - these ones are apples, matched with a little zipper purse (apple fabric of course) and then I will make a bookmark and post it note holder (from yesterdays post) from the apple paper. Yet to come in the mail is a cute scrabble tile pendant with a whimsical little apple tree image.  I like that I picked apples as the theme for the teacher! (and she loves green).

I know, don't I have more important things to think about?

Well, yes I do. But this is more fun!

And then we have the watermelons: for teacher aide #1. Same thing, earrings, zipper pouch, bookmark, post it note cover (but not the pendant, thought I had better give the teacher a little extra something)

005 I couldn't find a watermelon pouch, so went with cherries, and lacking any watermelon or cherry paper, went with strawberries. Got a theme happening still, it works doesnt' it?!

And for the physco fitness crazy dieting teacher aide #2: cupcakes. Snicker snort.


I envision wrapping the earrings in tissue paper and tucking them inside the pouch as little extra surprise for them to find.  And wrapping the whole lot in brown paper and pretty ribbon...I will have the girls do some little Christmas tree drawings to make gift tags with, and the girls can write on them to give. 

I'll share the finished bundle with you when it all comes together. 

One more piece of news. Our kids are doing a play based around this song/poem (this taken from you tube, looking for some inspiration on how to do a version with only nine kids! And isn't the kid doing the main part on this just BRILLIANT? ) We love this song in our house, and you may remember me blogging about the kids book we have with the poem in it. Love love love. I defy you to watch this and not have a smile on your face at the end!

Hooroo! :-)


  1. My dear friend, please shout out if u can't find muslin wraps, loads down this end of the world. Sometimes even in Aldi! Love your creativity with the teacher presents! Di what was your favourite sort of present to recieve? I always try to go away from the traditional chocolate etc.

  2. A very profitable day I would say. That other bookwork just wont go away.....

    The video is good too.

  3. Oh I totally adore and love that elephant punch! Who makes it?? Gotte have one too, they are just too cute hhehe.


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