Saturday, October 9, 2010

Scrapping the Boy

Some more boy pages.  My sister in law came over (the one newly affected with the scrapping bug, the one that hand cuts and hand stitches, and who was overjoyed at how FAST my cuttlebug was when I let her take it home with her for a play) and I got some pages done.

169 I did the title with the cuttlebug, and although it pained me to have it all wobbly and crooked at first, I quite like how it turned out.  And becuase my SIL is a bad influence ;-) I cut out the bracket block thingy in the middle by hand. (the font is "red tag" by cuttlebug, the nicest alphabet by far - but WHY could they not have letters all the same bloody SIZE!)

170 171And then the SIL said "use that scallop punch languishing in the draw on your next page!" (bossy isn't she! must be a school teacher thing) and seeing as my other SIL emailed me the date stamp thing she made, I used it as well just to keep both of 'em happy.

I handed the bossy one a couple of divided page protectors as she left and demanded that she make something with them as HER challenge. She quickly realised that she would have to make FOUR pages to fill up the spaces. Heh heh. 

Ah, scrapbooking. Bringing the collective sister in laws together.  Or if nothing else, it gives our husbands something to whinge about! :-)


  1. These are great Sharon - I love that you can scrap with the SIL :-) She's not bad for extending your creativity either ;-)

  2. Nice that you can now have official 'crops'! Last page is my fave - colours are great!

  3. You are lucky to have a SIL that scraps and lives close enough to borrow....

    I had wondered why the red tag letters had to be such diff sized too lol

    Great layouts...

  4. I think its better to have someone to scrap with, it does push you along. Try putting the red tag letters in a block like eN
    if you get what I mean!


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