Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Afternoon Walk

Quite often we will head out for a walk down the road in the late afternoons, especially if the kids appear to have acquired excess energy from somewhere and it needs to be worn off before tea time. 

003or sometimes they ride their bikes and I walk behind them with the dogs...and the pig!

005 yep, he comes for walks too! Imaginatively named Pig Pig, he believes he is truly part of the family and kicks ups quite a fuss if he isn't let out of his pen at the same time as the dogs.

006He will also drop down wherever if he thinks someone might come along and scratch his belly.  I'm a bit like that, except in my case its "foot rub"!

The are a few "not - normal" pets in our little part of the world.  Just down the road, meet Buffy:

020She also likes a scratch, but isn't quite as user friendly as Pig Pig (check out those horns!)

002 I believe Buffy also loves mud and the wet season just as much as our Pig Pig does! 

Pig Pig is quite quiet, and loves a good pat and play on the lawn.  He also likes dog food and stealing the kids biccies if they are silly enough to sit on the lawn and eat them when he is let out.  Has more gumption than a dog, he will just walk up and steal them off the kids!

024 Why we would want to live anywhere else?!  Just for reference, this isn't a street, its a road heading out to one of the local properties. However, the road in the top picture, yes, THAT is a street.

Not a lot of bitumen thrown around our town!  There was celebration a few years ago when they bitumen-ed off the highway (runs through town) past the pub to the police station.

But that's the charm of living west of the great divide, dirt streets for the kids and animals to run down barefooted, to splash in the puddles (oh my lord, the puddles - nay RIVER- of water down that back street in the wet season).

Remind me to tell you about our afternoon walks on the other side of town past the rubbish dump!

(which is not as bad as it sounds, the rubbish dump walk can often be quite fun, and given that the dump is currently a VERY deep straight sided hole in the ground, it gives the kids a thrill to peer into, and mother with hand firmly attached to boys shirt collar while said peering is happening!)

Ah, good times.


  1. OMG look at those country roads/streets (I didn't know there was a difference??) I've never seen roads like this in real life, justin pictures! Thanks for the glimpse.

  2. You have your very own 'babe' ... Dad has always said that pigs make great pets - we thought he was kidding!

  3. Love looking into you world!!!!!
    Thanks for letting us in :)

  4. Love the pictures and the walk with the different to how we live. It's great documenting those "everyday things" so the kids can remember them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pigs are so fun we had a pig called Stumpy! no tail just a little wiggly stump. He would follow while we tailed the weaners. Wallow in every mud hole he came to! what great memories :)


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