Sunday, October 10, 2010

the last hurrah for the school holidays

So you know the drill, kids running feral, nothing to do...blah blah blah.  So after the failed fishing trip I knew there was plenty of water in the creek, so packed some smoko (AKA morning tea!) and drove the 25km down to the creek crossing on the road to my parents place.

It was a lovely morning. Slapped on plenty of sunscreen.  The water was muddy coloured, but not dirty, if you know what I mean.

118 124

There was plenty of this sort of action: 


We even caught a yabby with our bare hands (or Georgie's hat, in this case).  It happened to be heading upstream and she found it moving across the causeway.  We carefully put it in an icecream container that happened to be in the car (vomit dish!) and after an escape attempt, put some glad wrap over the top, and brought it home. Put it in the trough to eat the algae there, and we haven't seen it since.  I think it got out and a bird ate it. ;-(

156Now the water was a wee bit on the fresh side of cool for me, so I retreated to the shade on the bank (with a wet bottom, thanks to being pushed over by one of the kids. THEY thought it hilarious!)

160152The kids had a ball, running and jumping and splashing and searching for critters (caught and lost a couple of little crabs) and having some smoko and then running back down for some more water fun.  It was most relaxing for me too, sitting on the bank watching them (I could have taken a magazine, but like The Husband said, I wouldn't have been paying full attention to them).  


I think we'll be spending more time here during the next school holidays (only if its rained of course - although the water holes will be still full from this spring rain, it has already stopped running). Might round up a few more kids next time!

(photos all sooc, cause I am lazy)


  1. Fun! So tell me, how do we get the shadow around the photos...

  2. Love it Sharon, I think I'd like to come for a swim :-)

  3. Looks like they had a ball. And nice and sunny. Rainy down here, think someone forgot it is supposed to be spring.


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