Thursday, November 4, 2010

Look what I made!

This might seem rather minor to accomplished crafters and crochet-ers out there, but until recently crochet patterns have looked to have been written in a foreign language.

Well, I'll be honest. Most of 'em still do. But with the aide of VERY clear instructions (thanks to Lucy at Attic 24) and pictures, which I printed out, I have managed to make some of these:

_MG_4826This is the first one I ever made, and looking at it now, I am pretty sure its not meant to have 7 petals! Oh well.  I've since managed to crochet around some face washers/cloths (the only other crocheting thing I know how to do, though lord knows what I will do with them) and made some flowers like this one to stitch onto the washer to make it pretty and less like a granny made it! 

I've been doing this while watching TV at night (well, not so much watching, but listening and looking up occasionally for the important bits - and Oi! my goodness, wasn't the end of packed to the rafters last night a doozie! Even The Husband was getting all teary on the couch! Anyhow, it seems like a more productive use of my time than just sitting there looking at the TV (although some evenings that is all I am able to!)

Anyhow, now that I am able to make some flowers, some might end up on a scrapbook page. Or not, they are a bit lumpy for my normal pages.

One more thing:

_MG_4820 All of my pretty buttons in little coffee jars. Just cause they look pretty.  Watch out for these buttons featuring a another craft project coming up soon. However, in the meantime, if you need any orange, white/cream or springy coloured (yellows, pale blues and greens and pinks - simply delicious - photo does not do them justice) buttons, we might be able to do a deal! ;-) Or get yourself to Spotlight and get your own bag full of buttons!


  1. You are so very clever indeed! Croceting and knitting are not strong talents of mine ...erm, no clue!
    You know that frame idea I'm working on? Well, you could use buttons - that would be cute.

  2. Aren't you clever?? They would look good on some kids headbands, maybe? I have all my buttons in a button jar on a book shelf. Love it, very cute. I'm not crafty enough to use then creatively though, they are just there incase a button need replacing somewhere!


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