Saturday, November 20, 2010

A productive day

AKA the perils of printing at home!

So, I printed off the layout that I made in the last post -turned out very nicely on my old HP printer and Kodak photo paper.  Cropped it with a narrow white border and stuck it down on some nice dark blue cardstock, and as a finishing touch, added some brads.  Finally, I was happy! They just added the perfect touch, added some flair to the flatness of it all.

_MG_5026 And then, seeing as that printed SO well, I delved deep into the files of languishing non-printed layouts (I know, sacrilege!) and printed some more.  You may remember some of these back from when I started DYL.  I have grand plans of finishing DYL, by working my way through the templates and getting some serious pages churned out.  Though it does mean more time in front of this screen, which can be a problem...anyhow:

_MG_5030 Printed out, stuck it down, and then decided to add a strip of patterned paper down the side, just for fun and ground the whole thing. Well, dunno about grounded, but it felt better to me!

_MG_5031This one presented a challenge  - SNAFU - and after some fiddling, and cutting to fix a mistake I made in the digi part of it (I think, who knows what I was thinking back then!) it worked!  and because I use binders, the edges don't join anyhow and the little error in alignment isn't (as) noticeable!

I have another page printed and sitting on my desk waiting to be trimmed and adhered, and quite a few more where that came from.  I find I am quite enjoying the finishing process, and putting them in their albums where they belong!

Back tomorrow with some 'real' pages!


  1. The top layout looks fantastic Sharon, I love how it turned out with the extra touches!
    It is funny though, when I did DYL there were no digi templates - supplied by CZ that it - and the layout at the bottom caused me nights and nights of grief, it was a really difficult one to put together. I found it fiddly and for the most part I don't do 2 pagers so that make it more challenging for me - all that space! Anyway, yours looks really good, I'd photograph mine and show you the dister it is but it is packed away in a box at the moment - best place for it if you ask me!

  2. Good job!!!! 3 pages!!!

    Love the colours of the top one :)

    better get that it!!!


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