Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weighty matters

It was while I was at the clothesline this morning, contemplating the joy that is a tissue gone through the wash, I realised that I had something that was weighing on my mind.

It was truly bothering me. Important, stress inducing stuff.

Those bright colours on that last layout that I did, were just not RIGHT. I mean - sleeping child? bright colours? WHAT was I thinking?

So for the first time in the history of scrapbooking, I re-did a page.

And before I share the new "improved" page, I must share something else with you:  I am finding digi scrapping harder than paper scrapping.  The choosing of the papers! OMG! for some reason I am struggling with this...with real paper I just pick up the photo, spend a few minutes picking a suitable cardstock, and then a few more minutes with patterned paper(s). Maybe I have too much digital choice?  Or by using a template I am feeling obliged to fill every little square, as its there to be used, whereas with real paper, i might have just used ONE paper instead of thee.

Anyhow, enough in depth analysing of my internal struggles with such life altering stuff.

sleepingPretty much the same journalling, just expanding on the story a little.  I don't seem to have a problem with adding in extra words!

Technical stuff:  this is an 8x8 placed on a 12x12 white background.  (I think the template came from a free Jessica Sprague class) I might even print this at home just to feel the satisfaction of sticking it down and sliding it into a page protector.

So dear readers, what are your thoughts? Do ya like the bright one better, or this quieter, calmer, more restful version better?

Now, I best get back to tackling the oh-my-lord-never-ending-bottomless-pile-of-washing-to-be-folded. If I go missing, you'll know its swallowed me whole!  Me and the tissue.


  1. Hmmmmm, one of the difficult questions of life ;-)
    I like both - how's that for fence sitting?
    I haven't seen the papers in the muted layout before .... where did they come from? I quite like those!

  2. I like both too..........

  3. I like bright.....

    the circles on the bright page are kinda like soothing.

    Then again the zigzags give the feeling of zzzz's..

  4. hhhmmm. I like both - they convey a very different mood. I'm with you on the digi stuff - quicker just to stick a piece down on paper and it's done. I hate spending ALL my scrapbooking time staring into the computer screen.


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