Friday, November 5, 2010

photo shoot with a difference

Most people dress their kids up and take them somewhere pretty to get their photos taken. 

Especially given its the Christmas Card Season very soon!

I decided to stage my own photo shoot, but with a difference. "kids, put on your oldest clothes!  and if you do as you are told for five minutes, I'll let you play in the mud ALL afternoon!"

_MG_4932They needed little encouragement and before too long they were wallowing. With the pig. _MG_4958_MG_4938 _MG_4972  And despite my offer for them to play there all afternoon, that sneaky little breeze chased them to hose off and get changed within ten minutes (their mother ain't silly!  when I made the offer I knew they wouldn't last long!)

And a technical question before I go:  I am getting "file is corrupted or unreadable" when I download my photos via the inbuilt card reader on my new computer. Not all of my photos, just enough to be annoying (and sometimes its the best shots).  I am pretty sure its a fault with the reader, however has anyone else had this problem? I am curious.


  1. Not sure on your technical issues but that last photo is fantastic Sharon!

  2. Those are some super cute pics!!!

  3. clever idea! what better way to share photos of what your life really is on the christmas card! (wouldn't it be cool if they were all wearing santa hats?) great job!


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