Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scrapping On Saturday

As a little reward to myself for the work I accomplished yesterday getting some stuff done that I had put off for a very long time.  Still got some to do, but need to clear my head a bit before continuing on.

I have done a few pages today, can't share them just yet, but here is one I CAN share!  A CZ template that I knew would be perfect to capture the school camp my biggest girl went on back in August. Thanks to the staff that carted their cameras around (wasn't hard for them to do) I was able to grab a heap of digital images that included Kate (more than I could ever include on just one page!) and pick my favourite to tell the story of the great camp they went on.

One other thing that the photographs showed:  even though I packed MORE than enough clothes for my girl (all neatly bagged - shirts in one plastic bag, shorts in one, undies and socks in another and so on, she apparently wore the same shirt for at least three days, and no one noticed!  Although apparently they spent a lot of time in their togs etc, so it shouldn't have been camp Now I LOVE the templates and how easy they are to use, but lately I have been getting myself so very confused when it comes to "cardstock" and patterned paper digi-wise.  I am not sure if this kraft background behind the title works, but as I have just printed this off on my home printer (not something that I often do) it will have to do! 

And looking at these photos, I think I might have to go on school camp as one of the parent-supervisors next time! My boy will be in prep then, so I couldn't  possibly let ALL of my kids go away without me! (especially if its somewhere like North Keppell Island!)

Although, at this moment, as they scream and play and fight loudly in the pool, a week of peace sounds rather inviting.  On the bright side, at least being in the pool they aren't coming to me with their grievances!


  1. I'm all for kraft and white and ... well, I think it is a no brainer - I'd be volunteering for that camp!

  2. I think this page is PERFECT...I could marry kraft and white :)
    which template is this ?

  3. Love this page! The template and the photos and the kraft are all great!!!


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