Saturday, November 27, 2010

simple and stunning

Came across these stunning christmas cards, the maker of which I didn't take any notice of it, but they can be found at made it dot com.

Prefection in their simplicity.  I love them.  Am thinking that I would love to do some scrapbook titles like this, so might have to pay a visit to my SIL and her newly acquired Silhouette cutter. (of which I am highly envious).

3c8471032D312d2D47df2D90e42D45c4211ad876IMGP2164 5a0049f42D74492D48492D81c22D7ccf14718a4dIMG5F4811 341223442Df19a2D458d2Dbb602Dcd399b4aba0ehohorTb83c62bf2Dc46c2D43062D917a2Ddbfbb5ecadacIMG5F48167329aa4c2Db3db2D49432Db0a62Db0c5592754a9xmass1Technical talk:  now, someone might be able to set me straight, but I imagine that the words and shapes on these (with the exception of the last image, which is embossed with a cuttlebug embossing plate - I know as I have it ;-)  and I think the use of it here is gorgeous!) have been cut with an electric cutter? The words/letters all appear to be touching for the cutting process...

Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. total agreement from me...have no idea how they do it BUT LOVE IT!!!!

    Seriously thinking I would love one of those more letter stickers bought!!!!

  2. Yeah, I reckon with an electric cutter...I have a Slice and it does some similar designs...but not quite the same LOL
    Very very nice cards! Totally 'do-able' in large amounts!

  3. Love them ... but can be of no help with the cutters, never had one and never even used one.

  4. yea, definately an electronic cutter - if I put my head down, I can achieve that with my gathering-dust-in-the-cupboard-unused-for-quite-a-long-time pazzles.


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