Sunday, November 14, 2010

when things go wrong

This was going to be titled "Sketch Three Ways", inspired by a recent post over at Nicole's blog.However, due to my printer having issues with my lovely new Kraft cardstock, things did not quite go to plan....! 

Here is the original sketch:airport_fun_sketchAnd here is my first layout.

_MG_4999Despite my bad layout photo taking skills, and dark and lovely rainy day here, you can see that my layout more or less followed the sketch.Y ou will notice that the topic is the same on the below layout as well, so I thought it would be SO easy to quickly make three pages the same. Famous last words.

Enter the kraft hating printer:

_MG_4993Same journaling, except that of course it didn't feed through the printer correctly and that is where it printed.  And rather than waste valuable Kraft, or risk further stuff ups by trying to print again on the other side, I improvised.  Cropped the photos down a little more, got out the notebook punch tool (just for fun!) and added a little bit of paper. And a ginormous green brad to help with the white space at the top.

And as for the THIRD way?  Not worth photographing! Nothing like the sketch, certainly not an award winner, but another story told and away in the album for the child in question to look at. Like I said, when things go wrong....!


  1. I like what you have done Sharon, and your improvising skills are something to behold .... that punch is a great one!

  2. Yes, improvising skills are a good thing! Great sketch interpretation! (What's with your kraft hating printer?! - If one had to go, my loyalty would have to lie with the kraft!)

  3. went way ...
    thaes are the font on the title...will have to use it on a school page :)


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