Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The newest addition to the family, after some recent and distressing (multiple) losses to the pet family.

_MG_4977 SIDney, also known as Mr Squeaky, has fattened up considerably since his arrival - photo taken on his first night - and has decided that he belongs to the Man of the House, but does condescend to be loved by the rest of the household when he isn't home. And the fattening up has led to quite a lively and playful little critter.

And my littlest boy? SO happy to have a little friend to cart around and interact with during the day. Its been a lonely year for Angus, especially since Millie, the dog with the death wish, got her way. (The perils of having pets I suppose!)

I do have to note:  SIDney, the little stinker, has sharp little claws. Which can be quite startling when they are applied to an unsuspecting victim!  I think the mouse and rat population best start packing their bags, as your hassle free days are numbered!


  1. CUTE!!!! I'm not letting my kids see this post - I'LL NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT!!

  2. as in the way the name was announced for the Olympics ??

    too cute...jess would love/eat her hehehe

  3. He's got the look of mischief already


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