Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Was Melbourne Cup Day, if you didn't know already!  And we really celebrate in style up here in the sticks!  Locals met at the local pub where our very glamorous publican presented us with a lovely chicken and salad lunch, and where I managed to win a sweep for the first time ever!

The boy and I dressed up:_MG_4902 The pity about this rather bad photo taken by my SO not a photographer husband, is that you can't really see my orange shoes and handbag - nor the little orange touch in my fascinator to bring it together.

Well, I thought it came together nicely, but that might have been just in my own mind!  (that's where it counts, I guess!).  I now no longer like my black shirt because 1. I burnt a hole in the back of it, and although mended, its only just, and 2. every time I moved it shifted and ended up sitting funny, with wierd darts, and 3. I had to safety pin the front shut as it gaped big time.  Now cleavage is good and all when appropriate, but not THAT much!

Anyhow!  the principal walked the kids down from school, and the girls dressed up as well.

_MG_4916 Another startling great photo! Daughter #1 insisted on the flower being placed just so - and although it was not purchased to match her skirt, it ended up being the perfect colour.  She did let me take another photo of her...


Love my 50mm lens for picking up those freckles (these shots SOOC as I am too lazy to edit them now I have Live Writer!)  I will tidy up this shot one day for sure and use it in a frame or scrapbook page.

I took a heap of other photos of the ladies all dressed up, and will burn a copy for them all in their finery (its possible that we dress up more for Melbourne Cup than our annual race day, as race day is a busy-run-off-our-feet-day).


  1. The necklace looks fabulous Sharon!
    hehehehe, I can tell when you are taking the photos - no offence to the man about the house though ;-)
    Looks like you all scrubbed up beautifully, there was a sweep win here too and Dad won the trifecta - pity none of us were taking any notice of him :-(

  2. Looks fab! You guys are so cute!

    I totally hear you on the black shirt -- I have those kinds of issues with shirts where things don't do what I want them to do, and it's so frustrating.

  3. Congrats on the sweep. You all look great (and I know what you mean about the shirt lol).


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