Monday, November 22, 2010

"Real" pages ;-)

Had a great Saturday and got some paper stuck down and things put away...

For so long the biggest girl has had no opening/title page in her album. It was bugging me - like opening a novel right at the first chapter.  Just doesn't feel right!

I have these 6x12 page protectors that need using, so thought I'd use them here. Very happy with the result (and boy hasn't she changed since this photo - so NOT a little girl anymore....) I'll just change the number sticker if I find I get to 8 and have managed to squeeze more into her album than I expected to!

_MG_5028 And here is a quick Christmas page for my boy (lets not focus on which year it was OK!)  And lets also not focus on the number of measuring/cutting errors that couldn't be fixed due to the super sticky and once its stuck down that is where its staying nature of the great double sided tape I got from Spotlight. Nor run on sentences!

_MG_5024Ah, those $2 snappy teeth.  Hilarious.  When the winding mechanism broke (lasted a surprisingly long time) he still played with them - by walking around and trying to snap me on the bum or fingers. Mostly bum. Cheeky little devil!

Back in another couple of days to share the results of the challenge sketch from Nicole.  See you then!


  1. hehe... I had some students last year with that double sided tape from spotlight - holy cow is it strong?! I advised to keep the tape for things like reattaching doors onto hinges and the like, and go get some more 'forgiving' tape. I use 'express-it' brand. You have an hour or two of 'changing mind' time before it sticks properly.

  2. I use the same brand as Nicole for double sided tape, it comes in a couple of different widths and is reasonably priced.
    I love the page with the circle accent, I am usually too lazy to add this type of thing to my pages!

  3. noice pages...same brand of tape her lol

  4. I am absolutely in love with the papers/patterns on Kate's page. Well done

  5. Love the title page idea. And a special xmas layout.

    What measuring/cutting errors. Looks perfect to me. Toys like that are worth their weight in gold.

  6. Love the title page. It looks fab. The tape I use is the $2 one from Big W. Also allows for re sticking. Let me know if u want me to post you some xx


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