Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Quick Christmas Crafts

that the kids should be able to handle.  This post is dedicated to KAT, who is a long time friend and reader - but never a commenter! (poking tongues).

She wanted some christmas craft here we go:

bb835ea12Dd9b62D4cd62D9d262De5a35cfff568IMG5Fl Gift cards - or indeed the front of a folded card sans the hole thing at the top. Kids could write merry christmas on a strip of white paper and that could be stuck on the front - would be very cute!

If they are up to sewing - or indeed gluing with some help from a grown up:

980ee6202Ddfd22D41722D8aba2Dc880be6538b7simpl2 Actually, when I was teacher aide many years ago, we did something very similar and made little stockings and stars and glued on ribbon and sequins.  The kids loved it.  I don't think we stuffed ours, just had two layers of felt.

owl_brooch_1 I might of shared this image before, but following the felt theme, this little fellow could easily be created by an older child - say year 2 upwards with supervision. Buttons for eyes to make it easier for little fingers  - and all of the bits could be glued on instead of sewn.  Actually can see this stuck to the front of a card instead of an ornament.  Similar felt shapes - christmas trees - stars etc could also be used for a card. (pre cut shapes can be bought at $2 stores or from educational supply catalogues).

What else? here are some more ideas that are fairly self explanatory .






button_tree_Christmas_card paper-chain1

There are also some great books out there - specifically those published by USBORNE - like Christmas things to make and do.

If you want to get your kids doing some christmas crafts over the summer holidays, I'd get my hands on this book. Available on ebay or from QBD i would think! they have several similar books on this topic (and many many others!  I love these books and have many of them - they don't ask for strange items for crafting and have simple instructions.Hope this haa been a help Kat!





  1. The green button wreath/bauble is fantastic ... hmmm, what a great idea!

  2. Thankyou my dear - expect an inspired gift and card in the post soon!

  3. Thanks Kat! now I have more stuff to do lol
    I am still working on the pencil roll!
    Keep the ideas coming Sharon love the inspiration you provide!


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